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We are a peer to peer marketplace where artists and designers sell their creations directly

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The year 2016 is drawing to a close. And it’s looked mighty stylish. A diverse and inspired range of home-décor trends and styles have kept our artistic partners ( and us ) on our toes ! Here’s a look at what we found ! Traditional craft found its place in the world of modern design. And so this contemporary take on traditional “kantha“ craft expressed itself in colourful, stylish furniture. We added a touch of happy, quirky style to tiny balcony gardens - with unusually shaped planters in delish colours ! Distressed Furniture added shabby chic plus comfort to interiors. Traditional terracotta got a brand new lease of life when crafted into stylish, statement, home décor accents. The charming Hoop Art – began as a global trend but the antique style embroidery in a wooden frame has brought vintage chic back. And a fabulous home-décor trend was served up on a wall-plate ! Individual hand-painted pieces.Or an assemblage of sizes, shapes, colours for a vibe of understated elegance. These definitive Home Décor and Design Trends - promise to continue into 2017. While there will be more to come – it is time to pause and reflect and savour this moment. Click to shop the collection.
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